Titanfall: FPS and Robots


So I just got on the Titanfall bandwagon (for PC, of course) and I can definitely say that I don’t regret it in the slightest.

For those of you who don’t know, Titanfall is a first-person shooter that has all of the normal FPS constructs, but adds jetpacks for double jumping,  parkour elements like wall running (both laterally and vertically), and most importantly titans (giant robots)–and that’s just the start of the list. These additional elements definitely help Titanfall stand out from the other current popular FPSs such as Battlefield 4 and the Call of Duty games.

Wallrun in action

The game is stunning in terms of graphics and game play. It is a complete joy being in a highly textured environment,  especially when you get to run on the walls and buildings leaping from one roof to another. This fundamental change in movement is a cool element of how important mobility is in the futuristic setting. Also, there is no real campaign in this game.  They throw in a small story that they call a campaign,  but everything is actually composed of online multiplayer matches. You are always playing with and against other players,  which I think really highlights the game’s fast paced competitive aspect.

An element Titanfall does have similar to other modern FPSs are loadouts. You can choose your primary, secondary, and anti-titan weapon. Currently there’s a somewhat small selection, but once you find the gun you like, you’ll probably be sticking to that. There is your ordinance and tactical ability. Ordinances are your grenades, satchel charges, and trip mines. Tactical ability is an active ability such as camo or pilot stim (you move faster for a bit). Finally you have two “kits” which are passive abilities such as increased wall-running and a variety of other little tweaks. Oh, did I mention your melee attack is a jump kick? You have a knife but obviously you only use that to hack things.

Aren’t they cute?

You also have your titan loadout giving you access to three different types of titans: Atlas which is your all-around type of titan, Ogre which has low mobility but lots of health/shields, and Stryder which has great mobility but low shields. Then you can customize the different primary weapon, secondary weapon, perks, and core. The weapons and perks are fairly straight forward. The core is the fun part. You build up your core power over time once you have your titan. The three different cores are shield, damage, and dash. Shield and damage are pretty straight forward but dash takes a slight explanation. Dash lets you quickly propel yourself in any lateral direction. The dash core makes it so while it is active you have unlimited dashes (the three different types of titans have different numbers of dashes).

Titanfall has your usual game modes like CTF(capture the flag) and domination (holding points on the map) but doesn’t have a generic death match type. Instead they have a game mode called attrition. You gain points for kills and titan kills/destruction, but there are two different types of NPCs that are also present in every map and match, grunts and spectres. They generally don’t affect actual combat other than getting hit by one or two bullets they shoot, but they count towards attrition points.

One final unique element is burn cards. Going into every match you can equip three burn cards that give you different perks for the whole match or until you die(which depends on the card). They vary from giving reduced titan build time for killing grunts to an upgraded version of a gun to camouflaging yourself as a spectre. There are many to use and they are extremely helpful.

Read more at the Titanfall webpage or check out the official Titanfall wiki (which I’ve been providing links to throughout) for more in-depth information and explanations than I’ve been giving.

This game has made it to the top of my list for current (and probably for the next year) games to play. It is a fun, different, extremely fast paced FPS that keeps me on my toes. I can jump in and play a match at any time which is one of the great beauties to it.

Do you play Titanfall? What are you thoughts on it? Also feel free to leave your Origin ID and maybe we could play a few games!