Dark Souls II — You’ll Die… and Die… and Die…

Dark Souls II

I meant to write a post about Dark Souls II’s predecessor Dark Souls (more specifically, Steam’s Prepare to Die edition) but never finished my thoughts on how the game will make you rage over and over and over. Guess what, that hasn’t changed. For people that don’t know the game series began back with Demon’s Souls. It is an action role-playing hack and slash that is insanely difficult. So much that in Dark Souls II, there is an achievement for the first time you die, because it will simply become that normal of an occurrence. Continue reading Dark Souls II — You’ll Die… and Die… and Die…

Don’t Starve

So there is this awesome new-ish game that is out that is still in beta called Don’t Starve. It is a game where… you literally try to not starve, and it’s amazing.

If you couldn’t tell this is a survival type game, best part is that you are told absolutely nothing. I mean, you could be lame and look everything up before playing or find walkthroughs to play it, but that’s no fun. The main draw is that you’re thrown into this world, no food, no explanation, nothing. Continue reading Don’t Starve

Zombie Survival games

Zombies Invade San Francisco!
(Photo credit: Scott Beale)

So recently I’ve been getting back to my game-playing roots–FPS‘ (first-person shooters). This has led me to play the multitude of zombie survival type games. This began a few years back when Left 4 Dead and Dead Rising¬†were released. These games were awesome, leading you into a post-apocalyptic world where you do what you have to to survive–kill zombies.

The Left 4 Dead series is a co-operative game where you are in a four man group that survives by using a multitude of badass weapons to slay lots of zombies. Dead Rising is a game where you enter as a reporter trying to cover a big story. Of course this happens to lead you to a mall where you can use weapons that range from a mascot head to baseball bats to various guns that just happen to be there. Continue reading Zombie Survival games