Journey of Coding

So for the past month or so, I have taken a serious dive into learning the world of coding. I started off years ago when I got a Xanga (I wonder how many people know what that is anymore). I enjoyed editing the fundamental HTML that went into a blog like that. I then moved onto MySpace one that huge boom started. Knowing about customizing websites already I once again dove right in, this time learning CSS since that was what they used. Both of these languages were fascinating and I enjoyed working on my own page as well as editing themes for my friends. (Un)fortunately Facebook came along, and my code editing came to an end. I never really thought anything more of it until about a year ago when Kristen (my girlfriend) had to make a blog (Adult Ballerina Project) for her journalism class. This brought me back to seeing HTML/code in general and made me want to delve back in. Continue reading Journey of Coding