My Life: Work, Python, Website design

My implementation of Blackjack using OOP in Python.
My implementation of Blackjack using OOP in Python using

Here’s a quick update of my life up since it has been about a week since my last post. I’ve been working (of course), progressing in Python (I made Blackjack!) and working on website design.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll just keep saying it. This Python course has been amazing. I feel as though I have progressed way past what I knew before. This past week we started into doing Object Oriented Programming and practiced it by creating Blackjack. While I have done OOP before, I haven’t successfully completed any programs yet with OOP. It’s really thrilling to have a finished product that you can play. This week we’re starting into our final project of creating a version of the classic game Asteroids. While we won’t have a full game implemented yet, we have to create a spaceship, rocks, and bullets using OOP. Another reason I’m insanely thrilled about this is because I feel like I need to get back to Java. When I stopped doing Java , I had just started learning OOP, but was thrown off because the final project for that course (run by Vswe, a Minecraft modder, great mods) had me so stumped. After this however I feel like I will definitely be ready to continue his classes.

I also want to continue learning website design. It’s simple to get a basic website up and running, but I want to do so much more design. For this I need to continue my work with learning PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. It’s daunting, but it’s really what I want to do in the long run. I need to find a good course that will teach me all of those and I currently have a few resources to use to learn them. I’ll post more on how I’m learning those in the future.

So, sorry for another ranty post about working and Python, but that’s really been my life lately. On the bright side my graduation ceremony is this Thursday, not that it necessarily means that much thanks to me finishing in December, but my department only holding one ceremony a year. It’s what it is, and it will be the closure that I’m out of college and am just another of the millions of people who work a job and dream of a better one. I’ll see how my life turns out, and I guess you will too.