Google Glass for All

So today Google released the ability to purchase a Google Glass to everyone in the world–not just the developers that got in early.  Its “program” running today is offering consumers the opportunity to become a Glass Explorer. This, in essence, is the fancy way of saying that you will be a part of the first generation Google Glass consumers.

Google Glass definitely feels like something of the future: with a camera super easily accessible from POV (point of view), a little HUD (heads-up display) that can show most current Google apps as well as some other party apps, all in not much more space than a pair of glasses. Google has been working hard on Glass since it’s conception having it available in 5 different colors, 4 different frames, and 3 different shade styles along with rolling out 9 software updates and 42 different glassapps. I’ve been highly interested in a pair since its conception, but the price point of $1500 + tax is definitely high for someone fresh out of college.

I look forward to seeing what kind of crazy things get developed for it, and it’ll  be interesting seeing more thoughts on it from general consumers rather than developers.

If you want a pair and am reading this, at this point you better move quick. Only a few spots were allotted and Google didn’t reveal how many. Click here to hopefully claim your spot/purchase one.

Wearables look like the way that mobile technology is currently going, and I know I definitely want in. I’ve been looking into getting in on one of the new Galaxy Gears ( but I haven’t chosen between Fit or Neo yet) and the Razer Nabu. I hope for the day that Glass lowers in price. Until then, I will look longingly at all the Internet shares about.

What are your thoughts on the current path of wearables? Is it a good future for mobile technology or is it just the current fad?