Google Glass: Actually 80 dollars?

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So the titles a little misleading, but if you’re a technology/devices buff like me I’m sure you’ve already seen the recent news that Google opened up again for the everyday user to join the Glass Explorer program (although now it’s closed). I ran a post on it earlier here. ran a story yesterday which said according to the bill of materials (BOM) for the Google Glass, including assembly, is costing Google a measly $79.78. How you may be wondering? Here’s a couple reasons why I think so–although it’s purely speculation:

There is of course the entire research and development of such a technological wonder. Time, energy, power, thought, and maybe blood, sweat, and tears went into creating the device so this maybe their way of making ends meet (but it’s Google–and they bought YouTube).

There’s also the idea that they didn’t want everyone to just go out and buy one before there was a developer base behind it. The high price tag would prevent the run-of-the-mill techies like me (for now at least) from buying it who wouldn’t be able to bring anything to the development side for the device.

Regardless, this affirms the fact that it is a wee bit overpriced (a total understatement). According to the article, when Google Glass actually hits the market for the public, it will cost somewhere  $300 – $500. While still a lot more then I would pay, I guess they have to make a profit on the device.

Check out the original article in the link below:

And check out the site that made this info available below along with a nice spreadsheet of the price of the individual components:

Any thoughts on why the price is set so high? Does this change your opinion of the Google Glass? In a good way or bad?