Google to acquire Twitch for $1 billion

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Last week was hectic between me working 40 hours over 4 days, then graduating, then having a nice weekend getaway from the city, but I’m back and at ’em. In the news over the past few days, the Internet mogul Google has been on the move to acquire, the most popular game streaming website.

YouTube has been around for what feels like ages now. It houses videos of all sorts allowing for instant stardom for music, comedy, movies — really anything and everything. It moved on to have streaming services in 2010 which has been used during events such as E3 which Sony used for its PS4 reveal. I remember myself watching some video game streams during the early days of YouTube streaming until a friend told me about Twitch, which he used to follow the FGC (fighting game community). I as a result am now a frequent watcher of new games to see if I want to buy them or games I currently play to learn more and improve.

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Anyway, Google has offered up $1 billion dollars to acquire Twitch. This made me wonder if this is a good move or bad move, and why. As someone who watches streams (and hopefully will be streaming myself soon) I sincerely hope that this isn’t an acquisition to burn it to the ground. It’s unfortunate that a move like that would make complete sense for Google. Twitch has hundreds of thousands of people watching streams at anytime (check out their site statistics) and when events of eSports games like League of Legends, Defense of the Ancients II (DotA II), and Counter Strike: Global Offensive can easily double that number, Twitch is an internet force to be reckoned with. The other possible reason is the revenue that it pulls in I would imagine. With all these streams, sponsorships, and ads that run the internet traffic is phenomenal allowing for decent profits.

In my eyes, $1 billion is less than what Twitch is worth. The constant traffic that it has while remaining a stable platform and the community of streamers and viewers is pretty amazing. I hope that Google isn’t going to acquire Twitch, but in the event that it does, be ready to be adding your favorite streamers to your “circle” and “+1”-ing their page. Oh the horror…

What do you think about Google’s move to acquire