Google Glass: Actually 80 dollars?

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So the titles a little misleading, but if you’re a technology/devices buff like me I’m sure you’ve already seen the recent news that Google opened up again for the everyday user to join the Glass Explorer program (although now it’s closed). I ran a post on it earlier here. Continue reading Google Glass: Actually 80 dollars?

Google Glass for All

So today Google released the ability to purchase a Google Glass to everyone in the world–not just the developers that got in early.  Its “program” running today is offering consumers the opportunity to become a Glass Explorer. This, in essence, is the fancy way of saying that you will be a part of the first generation Google Glass consumers. Continue reading Google Glass for All

What’s Next on Run Play Sleep: Elder Scrolls Online and Samsung

I’m really not great at this whole consistent blogging thing, but that doesn’t mean that I’ll stop. There has been great new announcements in the tech world as well as a few games I want to write about soon, so those will be going up in the next week.

One of the great things I’m looking forward to is the Elder Scrolls Online beta this weekend that I was lucky enough to get a code for (although maybe not that lucky, since a lot have been going out). I’m going into this MMO knowing nothing about what the gameplay is like. I’m looking forward to trying out a game with zero preconceptions about it, like when I first got into online gaming. Continue reading What’s Next on Run Play Sleep: Elder Scrolls Online and Samsung