New Tech Talk: Razer Nabu and Project Christine

Razer Logo

Razer has definitely been catching eyes at CES 2014. In the past two days, Razer has revealed it’s step into the wearables market with the Nabu and their new innovative concept desktop, Project Christine. Let’s dive right in. Continue reading New Tech Talk: Razer Nabu and Project Christine

Higher Resolution?

So I want to branch out what I write about, because I do more then run and rock climb and play video games and anything else I might have mentioned. I want to talk about a passion that is kind of related to gaming: the hardware used with it.

I am a PC gamer at this point. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my PS3 for the games that still just feel better on a console, like a fighting game–but any other gaming I do is done on a PC. Continue reading Higher Resolution?