Horror Movies and Late Night Gaming

I utterly hate horror movies.

No matter what I do, I can not be not scared at any type of horror/scary/thriller/screamer movie. They terrify me and the reason for that is that I start imagining those things in real life and thinking about how freaked out I would be, and then I start imagining that they are actually around me. Then I get paranoid and then I become unable to sleep…. like I am right now.  That’s why I am still awake and am writing this. Continue reading Horror Movies and Late Night Gaming

Welcome to The Active Gamer

What to say…

I am a senior in college who is a theater major. This means at times I utterly hate my life because of the amount of academic work as well as working in the theater. On the other hand there are times where I have too much free time and find myself just playing video games of all forms. While I am a complete game addict, it doesn’t mean I’m a fat slob who eats pizza and burgers and junk food all day–well I kind of do, but it doesn’t mean I am not physically active and I don’t keep myself in shape. I hope to keep an account of my passion for gaming as well as my dedication to staying fit.

That’s about it, I hope this will grow to be a blog that will be helpful as well as enjoyable.