Spring so Far: May Update — Back into Running! And Ballet?!

My new shoes (once they ship)
My new shoes (once they ship)

My spring so far has been trudging along.  I’ve now been at work for almost 2 months now — and it’s become fairly routine. On the bright side Kristen and I have finally gotten back into running! Continue reading Spring so Far: May Update — Back into Running! And Ballet?!

New Tech Talk: Vivofit and Pebble Steel

So while I’m not the most die hard follower of the different electronics expos/shows that go on throughout the year, I’ve started following more now. If you haven’t been keeping track of CES 2014, you should be if you’re a gamer, fitness enthusiast, or tech enthusiast. There’s something for everyone. They’re only two days in and there’s already a bunch of great stuff.

Here’s what I’m looking forward to the most–mind you,  I probably won’t be able to afford any of them till a long while from now. Continue reading New Tech Talk: Vivofit and Pebble Steel

Getting back to running

So if you’ve been following me you know how lethargic I actually am about doing any type of physical exercise while I enjoy doing physical exercise.

My girlfriend Kristen (for new people, she runs Adult Ballerina Project) has been injured for roughly the past year or so now and has recently gone to PT for the injury to finally try to get over it. We run, exercise, stretch, and pretty much do most exercise in general together. With her being out of running because of going to PT though, my motivation to do anything other then the occasional bout of rock climbing has essentially been nil.

This past week however she got the okay to start running again, so we’ve been starting it out really slow (mind you my definition of really slow is a 14 min mile). While I am somewhat frustrated with the slow running, it’s definitely helping me as well. Running at a slower pace gives me the opportunity to focus on other aspects instead of just thinking about how fast I want to run.

I’ve realized that I have terrible breathing when running. A while back I came across an article about rhythmic breathing in Runners World and decided to see how much that helps. If you read through the article you will see that it talks about how when running we tend to fall into a uniform pattern and thus exhale when a certain foot strikes the ground consistently. Long story short, this causes more stress to the side of the body that the corresponding foot is on. While I haven’t had this problem I would prefer to avoid it once I do start to run more.

Another thing I try to focus on now when running is my running form. Most of the time when I slow down from my natural pace I tend to have a strong heel strike, which as far as I know is a very bad thing. I try my best to run fluidly with good form to maximize running potential and minimize injury potential.

All in all, running again feels great. I may bike to school almost everyday, but it’s not the same feeling at all. I’ll give more updates on running and what I do to train and cross train as the weather becomes colder and colder.

What do you focus on during your short distance days? Mid distance? Long distance?