I am a 23-year-old post undergraduate who loves to run, play, and sleep (all three sometimes more then I should).

RunPlaySleep is my personal blog where I post about the different aspects of life that I enjoy. This could mean a video that made me smile, a game that makes me happy, a run that makes me feel invigorated — really anything is on the table for me to write about.

I do however prefer to talk about three of my greater passions on this blog, technology (computers, gadgets, programming, etc.), exercise (namely in the form of running since it’s free), and games (mainly PC, but I do enjoy consoles still).

Over time I hope for this to be a collection of posts about the games I play, exercises I do, technology I buy, and whatever else that could help inform people about those topics or just be more of something to read. Regardless of what it ends up being for the reader, I hope it helps and guides the reader to whatever they may have been looking for.